Test Lab Management in Windows Azure

Published on Monday, March 17, 2014

I was fortunate to be involved in some of the development of these tools. Really neat set of solutions. Lab management beaker image

Polaris Solutions is proud to offer an exclusive set of tools and services that allows testers using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) and Lab Center to tap into the power and scalability of Windows Azure.

MTM has proven to be an invaluable tool to many enterprise testing organizations. Unfortunately, the overhead of provisioning and managing virtual machines to support the dynamic needs of testing teams has meant that the powerful self-service infrastructure features of Lab Center have largely been ignored.

Leveraging the cloud to remove this burden from organizational IT staff is a natural solution.The demand for cloud based testing facilities from our customers has led us to create this unique offering that fully integrates on-premises testers with self-provisioned test infrastructure hosted in Window Azure.

Key Benefits:

  • No on-premises infrastructure necessary
  • No dependency on IT operations staff
  • Testers start up and shut down their own cloud virtual machines.
  • Testers create new cloud virtual machines as needed, optimizing both time and cost
  • Testers can leverage a library of pre-built virtual machine images
  • Testers can provision new virtual machines from scratch - testing agents will automatically get installed and connected to your test controllers
  • Lab Center sees cloud virtual machines as standard domain network machines
  • Available today!

Contact Polaris Solutions to learn more about this powerful solution.

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