await Wisdom()

yielding control to caller until Wisdom() returns

Abandoning Success

To pursue effectiveness

To illustrate how focusing on effectiveness has played out for me, I wanted to share a quick story about a current situation.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Valuing Progress over Productivity

Lately, I've found myself thinking a lot about productivity and progress. Both personally and professionally, I am trying to pursue progress before productivity.

WiFi with UniFi

A new network

I have had a Netgear WNR3000L Wireless Router for several years and it was starting to have some issues. The wireless network would just disappear several times a day, and rebooting the router was the only fix. That router is open-source capable, so I'd tried the DD-WRT and TomatoWRT firmwares in addition to the stock image. Switching the image didn't seem to help, so I suspect there was some failing hardware inside.